Getting home from Glastonbury is, without doubt, one of the saddest moments of our years. So sad, in fact, that we find it literally impossible to sum up our feelings and relive our memories in just one podcast episode, so we're back again with the second part of Post-Glastonbury Blues 2017.

In this installment, we relive Saturday and Sunday of the best festival on the world, and get a little bit too drunk and a little bit too sentimental about the whole thing. By this stage, we know you wouldn't want or expect anything else from us.

If you've managed to make it through the entirity of these two episodes, then you are truly a hero and a god amongst men. Big, big shouts to you.

If you haven't managed to make it through the entirity of these two episodes but you're reading this, then we still love you, just not as quite as much as the others.

Either way, a massive thanks for being here, and we'll see you next week x

We do not claim ownership of any of the music played in this episode. Our theme tune is Ice Cold by Audionautix and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:

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